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Construction Moulds and Plastic Molding

Experience, seriousness, professionalism are characteristics that we have consolidated in half a century of work together with the precise knowledge of the needs of the clients and of the market. The satisfaction of the client is pour priority, for this we are careful regarding innovation and we work with flexibility and excellent capabilities to resolve the problems.

Our company is structured perfectly to realize the industrialization of the product starting from the design of the 3D mould in our technical office, where highly qualified staff work in co-designing with our clients, taking care also of the definition of the tool path in 4 CAD-Cam centers. Thanks to our equipment, we are able to produce moulds with the maximum precision, both for small pieces and for big articles, up to 12 kilos.

 To be able to optimize the costs without neglecting the quality, we offer our clients the opportunity to make the mould production and the sample in partnership with Chinese companies.
The project made in Aldo Bolognesi and our supervision, assure the client the guarantee represented by our brand.

For our products we use when necessary additional gas moulding, indispensable to create empty zones in hands, steering wheels, etc……  useful also for compacting, with minimum emptying, very thick zone  to make them more esthetic.

Quality certification

certificazione iso 9001-2008

The most important objective of ALDO BOLOGNESI quality politics is to obtain the clients maximum satisfaction; coherently with this company's philosophy, ALDO BOLOGNESI obtained its first quality certification in 1997 getting up after, in 2010 the certification UNE EN ISO 2001:2008 to confirm its quality premise to maintain high quality standards.

All production phases from material arrival to finished products sending, are controlled, assuring qualitative standards required by client and an efficient traceability of productive process.

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